Remove the Artificiality

Think back to a time before the industrial revolution.

Sure, food was far more scarce, modern medicine had not yet been invented, and clean drinking water was tough to come by.  But, the world was also a lot more.....natural.

Fast forward to today

Food is more abundant than any time in history, modern medicine has gone full circle and is now inventing solutions to problems that they created, and we water our grass with water that generations before us would've been thrilled to drink.


However, everything that surrounds us is now...artificial.  


Artificial clothes


Artificial light


Artificial grass


Artificial foods and beverages


Even the containers are artificial!

If you're anything like us, it just doesn't feel right.  Like we're insulating ourselves from the real world, the world that God created for us

And encapsulating ourselves in man-made fakeness. 

We here at Gript have been on a mission to stop eating and drinking from artificial containers.  Leftover food is stored in glass, drinks at home are out of glass, drinks away from home are in stainless steel.  The only thing left was our cheap, plastic protein shaker.

Enter the Gript stainless steel protein shaker.  

  • Free of BPA and other toxins.
  • Double-wall vacuum insulated.
  • Ergonomically designed to be easy to grip.
  • Stainless steel hyperbolic mixing spring


Pick up yours today, and take one more step towards eliminating artificiality from your life.

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