The Jacked Professional

The Sad State of Corporate America

Let's face it, most people in the professional "white collar" world are fat.

Fat slobs who can't even tell you what a macro nutrient is, let alone how many calories per gram each one has.

If they're not straight-up fat, then they're skinny-fat with a body like Gumby.  Shapeless, sad, flat, devoid of any sort of natural musculature. 

However, that's not you. 

You love lifting, getting your cardio in, and mogging everybody in the office. 

Coworkers make comments about your fizeek, mock your "weird" meal habits, or always come knocking when they need something heavy moved.

Such is the life of a white-collar lifter.

The problem though...

is your ride or die, with you to the end, protein shake.  

You either leave home early in the morning, head straight to the gym, then straight to the office...


Straight to work, gym at lunch or end of the day, then head home.

Either way, your protein shake is waiting for you for quite some time before you're ready for its sweet, smooth, gainz-laiden post-workout goodness.  

I know for me, by the time I get to drinking it, it's closer to room temp than fridge temp.

Enter the Gript stainless steel protein shaker. 

  • It's double wall insulated so your shake stays cool without the exterior sweating. 

  • It's made of stainless steel, so it won't crack when dropped or hold onto the smell of old protein when you forget to immediately wash it. 

  • It's ergonomically designed so that it's easy to grip, shake, and hold onto. 

  • And it comes with a hyperbolic mixing spring which doesn't trap un-dissolved protein clumps inside of it.  

Disassembled Product Picture

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